About Me

A few things about me; I love lovely things I’m obsessed with colour in all things.
I’m a self confessed design addict regularly spending unnecessary amounts of money on fancy packaging and arranging them nicely in my kitchen cupboard.
I get a little overwrought at bad typography, it upsets me. Side effects include: ranting in public spaces and an inability to get over it.

I am great, really I am. I can provide excellent references from my Mum, Dad and my dog, they’ll all say I’m great. I would rather die (okay maybe a little dramatic, but you get the picture) than see a widow or orphan go to print, but given the option I’d rather live and produce beautiful and considered design. Inspiration for beautiful design comes from all around me: print, books, magazines, blogs, architecture, exhibitions and the wealth of inspiring people I call my friends and family.

Everything in life, without exceptions should be beautiful and a pleasure.