Louie Bowers


Creative Direction for Fintech Startup

Clim8 was growing fast and to reach multiple audiences from customers, investors to new talent it needed a flexible and cohesive brand that spoke across the board. New colour, iconography, movement, photography and more was built and grown up on throughout my time there.

  • Art Direction
  • Brand
  • Copy
  • Digital
  • Guidelines
  • Iconography
  • Illustration
  • Photoshoots
  • Print
  • Strategy
  • UX/UI

Creative Rationale; When thinking about the uniting undercurrent of what makes Clim8 Invest and why people are passionate about investing in fighting climate change, we thought about the Earth. Not just the earth as we view it when standing on it with our own vista or even our own country but the idea of the Earth and the unifying fact that we are one planet. All we do is connected and the collective responsibility that this brings.

Our View…
It’s wonderfully humbling (and uniting) to be reminded how we’re all on this one magnificent planet, the Earth. So we need to change our perspective… and what do we see?

People, Connection, Impact
Connection at every level. We are connected, our actions matter and we are here to make that connection further reaching, stronger and more impactful

Curation and expansion of the brand colour pallet meant it was useable for marketing providing an emotive range of colours and intern to make the product more engaging and provide a base to refresh the product upon. Overseeing both marketing and product I was able to bring a more unified customer journey.

A distinctive illustration and iconography style was developed with a human feel with emphasis on the positive impact people can have with investing.

This brand language was brought across all communications and all audiences. The flexibility of the brand palette, coupled with new iconography, illustration and photography guide meant the tone could be adjusted seamlessly.

Sense of connection and impact along with the calm and confident knowledge that you could relax if your money is invested with Clim8 was the focus of our customer facing creative, building human centred brand stories in ads, social and more. Along with the introduction of pattern and animation reinforcing the confidence that investing with clim8 brings


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