Louie Bowers


Destination America Rebrand

A new logo visually communicating the full breadth of DA’s product region and expertise. This includes; North America: Canada, USA (including Alaska & Hawaii) & Mexico, Central
America, South America and Antarctica (barely)

The new logo represents the full product region.

Keep the design concept to the following descriptors: Simple, Classic, Evergreen and Fresh

  • Art Direction
  • Brand
  • Guidelines

Creation of a new colour palette was needed to ensure flexibility and to move away from the long-standing colours, reflecting just the North American aspect of the destinations.

Moving away from colours that speak of a particular flag or country. These tonal colours evoke a sense of the wide ranging views, landscapes, people and memories you encounter as you journey with DA.
The deep tones of indigo reflecting shadows within the architecture of a city or a night sky over a wide open plain. Warm rich coral hinting at tropical flowers, a freshly caught Alaskan salmon or a warm sunset.
Dawn Pink a morning sunrise over fresh snow or the inside of a tropical shell. Horizon Blue reflecting cool shades of glaciers or the inviting warm waters of the shallows. Oxidised Copper revealing the age of a long standing city sculpture or guiding you to a cool glacial lake.
The next two pages show how flexible this colour palette can be.


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